Creative, charismatic teachers, atmosphere of love, care, kindness and mutual respect, communication with peers, interesting and saturated daily activities, cosy and convenient facilities of our house and state of feeling at home will give your child maximum of joyful, attractive and comfortable stay in our Kindergarten



Toddler group  "OCEAN" 
0 - 3 years
Toddler group  "SAFARI" 
0 - 3 years
Pre-school groups  "CITY" 
3 - 6 years
Opening hours:
1060 Wien, Garbergasse, 3
+43 660 8629949
              07.30 - 16.30
1,5 - 6 years
Opening hours:
1060 Wien, Gumpendorferstrasse, 83-85, Haus 1, 2.Stock
+43 699 12300099
08.30 - 16.30



Our professional qualified teachers have an individual approach to every child and create a real warm family atmosphere. Languages of communication are German, Russian, English, and French. 

Methods of teaching

We apply combined methods for teaching our children, aimed at harmonious development of the child’s personality, as well as at multipurpose and comprehensive development and education of children:

  • intellectual (learning games and exercises for thinking, logics, memory, attention, fine motor skills, development of speech, familiarization with the environment)

  • creative (arts and crafts, drawing, applications, handmade work using different materials and types of creative activity)

  • musical and aesthetic (musical training, developing ear and sense of rhythm, familiarization with musical instruments, training to play piano and violin, songs and dances)

  • physical (active games, sport gymnastics, yoga)


Mandatory program includes school preparation for the children of 5-6 years.



Such a complex and multidimensional notion as bilingualism requires a responsible and individualized pedagogical approach, the main goal is to have competent languages skills. That's why in bilingual groups teachers-native speakers work with the kids.
Communicating in the native languages (Russian or English), thereby developing native language and culture, we however make a great emphasis on learning the German language. Despite the fact that the child is involved in foreign language environment, the presence of an educator who speaks the same language, greatly accelerates and facilitates the process of language learning through the removal of psychological stress, and makes adaptation and integration into a new society painless and successful.


Comfort and safety

Our children spend their day in bright, spacious, excellently equipped premises with our own kitchen and sleeping room. Daytime sleep or rest is a guarantee for good health, harmonious development and good mood. We pay much attention to the physical development of our children: we take them out every day (next to us there is a wonderful park and a playground for kids) and we render weekly yoga classes. 






You are welcome to have a look at our weekly menu (three meals a day).



We cook fresh balanced food considering recommendations of the dietologists and age peculiarities of the children, using only natural BIO products.  


Daily plan

We tend to spend our time in the kindergarten in the most diverse way both interesting and cognitive for your child. Therefore, besides the main classes we conduct: 

  • Sport classes – weekly

  • Creative workshops – 2 times per week

  • Music classes - 2 times per week

  • Birthday celebration parties

  • Regular cultur programm (museums, excursions, exhibitions, outgoing walking tours to parks, etc.)

  • Festive concerts with exhibitions of handmade creations by children

Cooperation with parents 

We are supporters of active cooperation with parents, therefore, we welcome your feedback in form of remarks and comments. On regular basis we organize exchange of information: timely announcements, individual talks, quarterly meetings, etc.


Schedule of attendance

We offer a flexible schedule of kindergarten attendance (full day, half day, as well as a short-stay group). You can choose the option, which fits bestyour child and you.

Full day
Half day
07.30 - 16.30 (Breakfast, Lunch, Snack)
07.30 - 12.30 Breakfast, Lunch)
12.30 - 16.30 (Lunch, Snack)
Daily routine

We offer You to get familiarized with our sample schedule of classes during a day. In case we plan a visit to a museum or an excursion, we will inform you in advance

Opening of the Kindergarten
Bio Breakfast
Morning circle
1-st concentration phase:
Activities (according to the topic of the week) 
Creative workshops  / Music / Theater / Active games /
Yoga / Excursions /
Bio Lunch
Bye-bye children (morning group)  
Chill-out (sleep or resting time)
Preparation for the school (Pre-school group)
Bio Snack
2-nd concentration phase:
Music / Theater / Books club / Craft work / Free time
Bye-bye children (afternoon group)   
We kindly ask you to keep to our daily schedule and to bring and pick up children at the agreed time! 


Opening hours Kindergroup "UMKA": 08.30 - 16.30
Holidays and days off

The Kindergarten works in accordance with the Austrian national calendar, therefore it is closed on the following days:

HOLIDAYS 2020 - 2021

26.10.2020 (Mo)                           

13.11.2020 (Fr)   

08.12.2020 (Di)

24.12.2020 - 01.01.2021            

06.01.2021 (Mi)

12.03.2021 (Fr)                               

02.04.2021 (Fr)                             

05.04.2021 (Mo)

06.04.2021 (Di)                             

13.05.2021 (Do)                               14.05.2021 (Fr)                             

24.05.2021 (Fr) 

03.06.2021 (Do)  

04.06.2021 (Fr)                           

26.07.2021 - 13.08.2021           

16.08.2021 (Mo)        


Pädagogische Konferenz

Maria Empfängnis


Heilige Drei Könige

Pädagogische Konferenz




Christi Himmelfahrt            






Pädagogische Konferenz



Signing the agreement

For signing of the Agreement we will need:

  • the ID number of the child (Kundernummer MA 10)

  • insurance police number

  • Registration (Bästatigung der Meldung)

  • Copy of Passport, Visa, Residence title


For signing of the Agreement you will need to pay:

  • the registration fee (it is not refundable once you refuse your place in Kindergarten)

  • the deposit (is reimbursed upon proper cancellation of the Agreement


Monthly payments to the kindergarten are made till 5th of the actual month 

List of necessary things to be brought to the Kindergarten:
  • indoor shoes (slippers, lightweight sandals)

  • addional set of clothes x3 (underwear, socks, tights, trousers, T-shirts and a jacket)

  • pampers and wet wipes

  • bedclothes (pillow x 1, blanket cover x2, pillowcase x 2, sheet x2)

  • the favorite soft toy for sleep

We are waiting for your children and you!
Preliminary registration by phone: + 43 (0)69912300099


+43 (0)699 123 00099 

1060 Wien Gumpendorferstr 83-85

1060 Wien Garbergasse 3